List of ThinkTrade Inc.’s Tax Filing Services – You Need This Month!

ThinkTrade Inc is authorized and certified by IRS to offer e-filing services for federal excise and extension taxes. There are various Tax Forms, Supported by ThinkTrade Inc under the banner of / / . One can say for sure that there are no months without some or the other tax deadline. Right now we are in the month of April and we know that there is a huge list of tax Forms that are due this month.

Below are the lists of Tax Forms that are due this Month, than can be filed through ThinkTrade Inc’s Line of Applications:

  • Form 4868: “Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return” This Tax Form is used to request for an extension of time to file Personal federal income tax return.
  • Form 7004: “Application for Automatic extension of time to file your business tax return” This Tax Form is used to request for an extension of time to file your Business Income Tax return.

Both the above mentioned Extension Tax Forms are due by April 15th & can be Easily E-filed through

  • Form 2290: Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 (HVUT) for vehicles with gross weight of 55,000 lbs or above and first used in the month of March since July 2018.
  • Form 720: Federal Quarterly Excise Tax for the first quarter of 2019
  • IFTA: International Fuel tax Agreement report for the first quarter of 2019

The Above mentioned Tax forms are due by the End of the Month that is April 30th & can be very Easily Prepared and Filed through /  – A Product of ThinkTrade Inc.

If you still have questions & queries regarding the Tax forms listed above feel free to have a word with our Handpicked Tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or write to them @ or or Ping us using the LIVE CHAT Option on the website.

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